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Sherwin Williams A100 Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint

Sherwin Williams A100 Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint

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Trust the paint that provides dependable, lasting performance with a smooth, even finish. A-100 Exterior Acrylic Latex has a 100% acrylic formula that is perfect for your DIY exterior project surfaces, including primed aluminum, brick, masonry, metal, stucco, vinyl and wood. A-100 Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint provides great color retention for your home’s exterior and offers quality at a good value.



This non-shiny finish is great for hiding surface imperfections because it deflects the light.


With its slight gloss, this finish offers the benefits of a richer look.


This lustrous, durable finish is great for windows, doors and trim or any area that you would like to highlight.


1 Gallon, and 5 Gallons


With over 1,500 colors to choose from, mix and match colors within a palette to bring your color ideas to life.


15 Year

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