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  • Color Box Painting LLC

    Licensed | Bonded | Insured | (503) 989~7415
  • Color Box Painting LLC

    Licensed | Bonded | Insured | (503) 989~7415
  • Color Box Painting LLC

    Licensed | Bonded | Insured | (503) 989~7415
  • Color Box Painting LLC

    Licensed | Bonded | Insured | (503) 989~7415
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Deck Staining and Restoration

Stained Deck Image

What makes us different?

Color Box Painting LLC has achieved a Level III Benjamin Moore Certified Stain Contractor.

This Certification enhances our stain knowledge and improve our ability to recommend products and stain options that best meet our clients’ needs.

How does this benefit our clients?

We can define what wood is and understand the implications that decay has on stain.

Troubleshoot common construction problems that affect stain performance.

Select the proper preparation and stain products for the project.

Apply stain products to attain optimal results.

The Cycles of Decay

As with all organic materials three things are needed to begin the cycle of decay:

·         Heat 

·         Water  

·         Oxygen  

Three common types of Decay

·         Microbial Decay (loss of cellular mass - rot)

·         Delamination (repeated cycles of wet and dry)

·         UV Decay (gray wood, grain breakdown)

Wood in Construction

Managing moisture in structural wood projects is essential in order to control swelling and shrinkage, and to prevent problems associated with mold or decay.

Deck Design

·         Decks require good ventilation. They should be left open underneath or closed in with lattice. Fully closed-in decks, even when vented, create a greenhouse effect under the deck.

·         Keep in mind that level surfaces hold water end posts. Handrails and cross members will survive longer if some slope and drainage is present.

·         Do not use plastic under the deck surface. Landscape cloth will prevent weed growth and still allow drainage.

·         Do not set wood directly on the ground. Use deck blocks, gravel, sidewalk blocks, or high-density closed foam to stop direct moisture transfer.

·         Decking should always be placed crown side up so water will drain and not pool.

·         Back priming all decking material prior to installation will extend the life expectancy of the wood.


·         New wood siding should always be back primed.

·         Do not install cracked, split or damaged siding as it cannot be sealed without a great deal of work

·         Shakes and shingles should be dipped before installation if finishing is required.

·         Caulking is your friend; vertical joints that expose the sheathing should be sealed.

·         Always ensure proper eves trough installation and adequate drainage away from the building.


We take all of the above factors into consideration prior to us providing our clients with an estimate.

We will take a moisture level measurement during the estimating process, prior to prepping, and prior to staining. If the moisture level reading is above 15%, staining process will not continue since it will degrade the performance of the product. If there is too much moisture trapped in the wood, the polymers and resins within the stains and coatings will not adhere fully to the fibers of the substrate.

We will also check the surface temperature prior to any staining. We will not stain any decks or fences if the surface temperature exceeds the threshold of manufacturer’s specs.

We do not mix and match products from multiple manufacturers, use of one manufacturers product is recommended in any staining and paint coating systems.

We have found over the years the volume contents of solids used in the ingredients to manufacture stains and paints will last much longer, and help with color retention.

Annual preventative maintenance is required for all horizontal portions of decks. It is the most susceptible area to heat, water, oxygen, traffic, and etc.

We do offer low cost annual maintenance contracts to keep your decks looking new for years to come, ask for details.